Eargasm Earplugs Review

This product, for as simple as it seemingly is, will increase your enjoyment of music for… well… an entire lifetime. I’m not even kidding about that.

I ordered a set of Eargasm Earplugs on a whim and I was very pleased that I did so. I purchased these as a replacement for my “Mack’s Hear Plugs” which were getting on in their years, and honestly, weren’t very comfortable. I was impressed with the Eargasm earplugs in a big way. The packaging is clean and well thought out, the instructions are easy to follow, the comfort is off the charts, and they work so incredibly well.

These ear plugs filter the sound instead of muffling it. What this means to you as a music appreciator and player is that you can listen to music, rehearse, go to shows all while listening at a comfortable level. The benefit here is two-fold: one, you preserve your hearing and keep your ears healthy. Two, you can listen, play, and participate for longer because your ears don’t fatigue.

I tried these out while playing drums (something I usually wear foam earplugs for) and I was amazed at the fact I was able to hear with clarity just at a reduced and comfortable volume.

I dare profess these as a necessity for any guitar geek participating in loud or even semi-loud rehearsals and even more so for the live concert attending guitar geek. Oh and another two things I love about these: They are pretty discrete in your ears (unlike the pictures on their website), and they have a convenient carrying case included which is perfect for storage and quick access.

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