How to Play Acoustic Guitar Chords

Learning chords is essential to playing music and a great place for beginner guitar players to start their journey.

To help you take the first steps on the road to becoming a guitar god, I’ve put together this chord library which will teach you how to play the most essential chords.

Each guide breaks the chord down into easy-to-digest steps. It also shows how to position your fingers, alternative versions, and a few exercises you can practice.

With consistent practice and experimentation with different chords, you’ll be on your way to playing songs and writing your own in no time!

Basic Chords

Basic chords are usually played close to the nut, using fewer fingers and more open strings. This makes them friendly for beginners who are still learning the fretboard and getting their fingers used to holding complex shapes.

Basic doesn’t mean bad! Some of these chords form the backbone of thousands of popular songs across all genres of music.

Advanced Chords

Advanced chords add a level of sophistication both to how your music sounds and how you use your fingers around the fretboard. Advanced chords require you to use all your fretting fingers and frequently in a barre configuration.

Power Chords

Power chords are really simple using just two notes – the root and the fifth of a key or a scale. Once you can hold the shape, you can move them around the fretboard to create amazing rhythms.

All you need is 10 minutes of practice a day to make consistent progress on your guitar journey. Watch this FREE guitar class to get started!

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Remember, the secret to a fulfilling guitar journey is consistency, not laborious practice.

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