My name is Tony Polecastro, and I’m an acoustic guitar geek.

And I LOVE the idea of learning guitar online but I was fed up with the overwhelming, “more is better” approach that takes the fun out of learning guitar…

Tony is the founder of Acoustic Life, Tony’s Acoustic Challenge, and the host of the Acoustic Tuesday Show

So I created a simple and focused online guitar learning platform that helps guitar players have way more fun with their guitar and get better in the process.

It’s called Tony’s Acoustic Challenge.

Keep reading to learn why we have a 4.9 rating from over 575 reviews…

I first got the idea for Tony’s Acoustic Challenge when I was teaching guitar one-on-one to over 60 students who would come to me for one lesson per week. One day it hit me that they were all paying $1200 per year ($100 per month) for just one lesson per week.

They had to get in their car and drive to me. Sometimes I’d have to reschedule because of gigs or sickness and it would throw a wrench in their already busy schedule.

So I created a simple and focused online guitar learning platform that helps guitar players have way more fun with their guitar and get better in the process.

It’s called Tony’s Acoustic Challenge.

And because of the format, we really couldn’t follow much of a structure. Like all the other one-to-one teachers, we were limited to the classic “Hey! So, what do you want to learn today?” which is a random and sporadic approach to learning guitar that simply doesn’t lead to consistent and predictable progress.

It just didn’t seem fair to my students and I knew I could help people so much more, but I couldn’t help but think that…

The perfect online guitar learning solution for acoustic guitar geeks MUST already exist, right?


All I found were massive DVD sets and “A to Z” courses that would take an eternity to get through, or memberships that touted “Over 10,000 lessons from 1000’s of instructors!”

As if more guitar lessons is somehow a good thing for super busy, overwhelmed people like you. And don’t get me started on the bouncy ball approach or the video games!

Like anything, there are plenty of good guys out there…

Justin Sandercoe is our online guitar savior with endless good vibes and guitar lessons, and Marty Schwartz is the YouTube god of song lessons. I salut any online guitar instructor who’s out there to help guitar geeks stay inspired and improve. 

But after searching high and low, there was absolutely nothing even remotely close to what I’d want to be a part of if I were in your shoes.

So I decided to design my own program from the ground up, and it started with my 3 non-negotiables…

My 3 Non-Negotiable Tenants of The Perfect Guitar Learning Community:

  1. It has to be a 100% positive and supportive environment where beginners and long time players will feel safe, inspired, and supported. No guitar snobs.
  2. It has to follow a “less is more” philosophy to learning guitar that doesn’t overwhelm my students and make them feel guilty for not having time to consume it all.
  3. It has to be fun. I don’t want you to put off having fun until you master the guitar. Instead, I want you to focus on having fun every time you pick up your guitar.

So I built Tony’s Acoustic Challenge to have zero overwhelm. All you have to do is show up and play that days’ super fun, 10-minute guitar challenge.  And it costs a tiny fraction of in-person lessons while providing (literally) 5 times the value.

Because it’s online, students can get their practice in any time of the day that works for them, 24/7.

Instead of photo copying tablature and notes at the end of an in-person lesson, my online students can bookmark and return to any lesson they want and rewind, fast forward, and pause. Totally on demand based on what you need.

Instead of logging into an “information dump” style guitar lesson membership with infinite options, my students simply click “Start” on their member homepage to do that day’s super fun guitar challenge. No overwhelm, no decision paralysis. Just login and play.

Because it features one 10-minute lesson per day that follows a carefully designed practice framework, my students get five times the practice that they would from an in-person lesson once per week.

Fast forward a few years and now…

We have a thriving community of acoustic guitar enthusiasts from around the world who log in for a daily, 10 minute guitar “challenge” that rotates between the five essential areas of improvement: technique, riffs, soloing, rhythm, and chord transitions.

In fact, our community has now grown to include offline, local Jam Clubs all around the world, an annual Acoustic Life Festival where members meet and form lifelong friendships, and we’ve taken the non-profit “Guitars for Vets” under our community’s collective wing and become their largest donor raising more than $31k last year, and we’re aiming to raise $100k for this wonderful cause this year!

And now…

Word is getting out that Tony’s Acoustic Challenge is the best place to learn to play guitar in a positive and truly heart centered, fulfilling way.

I get emails almost daily from big industry brands like Taylor Guitars and the Fretboard Journal about how they can be a part of what we’re doing to unite guitar geeks.

And I’ve now interviewed the industry’s biggest names like Tommy Emmanuel, Taylor Guitars CEO Bob Taylor, Chris Martin from Martin Guitars, Paul Reed Smith and so many others I’ve lost count.

And it’s all made me realize that…

This isn’t just about learning guitar. It’s much bigger than that.

We’re here to make an impact on people’s lives whether they’re students who come through the Guitar for Vets program or whether we’re helping YOU transition into your new identity of being a guitar player after decades of feeling like you’re only living your life for your job.

You have to experience Tony’s Acoustic Challenge to understand.

We keep things super simple to prevent overwhelm or feeling behind. This community works so well because we have zero tolerance for negativity or judgement.

And everything we do revolves around helping you be inspired to pick up your guitar and have FUN, day after day and month after month.

Come find out why over 18,837 acoustic guitar enthusiasts have improved their lives and their guitar playing by becoming a member of Tony’s Acoustic Challenge.