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Any money generated through an affiliate link on will go straight to the Guitars For Vets non-profit organization.

The weekly episode of the Acoustic Tuesday Show with Tony Polecastro features product reviews for things like picks, capos, guitars, stands, etc. In each show, Tony includes Amazon affiliate links so you can purchase the featured items which earns Acoustic Life a small percentage of the purchase price. 100% of this amount is donated to Guitars For Vets.

In 2018, Acoustic Life donated proceeds from the Acoustic Life Festival in the amount of $10,234.00.

6 Ways You Can Help Guitars For Vets

  1. Bookmark and use links on this site to make purchases
  2. Choose “Guitars For Vets” for your Amazon Smile Program
  3. Donate money directly to Guitars For Vets
  4. Donate used guitars directly to Guitars For Vets
  5. Volunteer to be a G4V instructor in your area
  6. Volunteer to be a G4V facilitator in your area

Tony Polecastro Becomes an Official Ambassador for Guitars For Vets

Tony Polecastro becomes Guitars for Vets Ambassador

In early 2018 Tony Polecastro became an official Guitars for Vets ambassador along side Tommy Emmanuel and other acoustic guitar icons.

I’m honored to bring awareness of G4V to our growing community of 150,000+ acoustic guitar geeks who share the same values as G4V. It’s not about mastering the instrument, it’s about the healing power of music & human connection, constant progress and fun. We’re excited to support G4V through the Acoustic Life Festival, monthly donations via and direct monetary and guitar donations from individuals in our community. – Tony Polecastro

About Guitars For Vets

Guitars for Vets has fulfilled over 30,000 lessons and distributed over 3,000 guitar free to military veterans.

Guitars for Vets is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2007. They currently operate more than 80 chapters in 40 states with the assistance of over 200 volunteers nationwide.

Over the past several years, this organization has refined a guitar instruction program aimed at providing Veterans struggling with physical injuries, PTSD and other emotional distress a unique supportive program.

G4V pursues its mission to share the healing power of music by providing free guitar instruction, a new acoustic guitar and a guitar accessory kit in a structured program run by volunteers, primarily through the Department of Veterans Affairs facilities and community-based medical centers.

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  • This is so cool that the Acoustic Life team is willing to give back like this! I, for one, will be looking here for ANY guitar-type purchase I need to make in the future!

  • I am a disabled veteran from Vietnam era and I play the guitar and sing. I live in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, near San Diego, CA. How can I help, I would love to put a group together and play one evening per week.G

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