Since the good ol’ days of reviewing over 500 guitars, one of the most common questions I get is…

“How do you pick the PERFECT guitar?”

I asked Tommy Emmanuel this exact question and I got one of the best answers I’ve ever heard.

Here’s a 2 minute video clip from an interview I did with Tommy.

And whether you have your dream guitar collection (still incomplete, no doubt!) or you’re “stuck” with a cheap guitar, what Tommy says in this short video clip will stick with you.

Watch the full interview with Tommy Emmanuel here.

  • For me an acoustic guitar cheap or expensive is the beautiful humming sound when u play the tune u love that matters. From heart n soul.

    • The sound that comes out when it reaches your ears is just incredible and it’s your sound because you used your guitar to create it!

  • Great idea to stretch out to get muscles prepared to play guitar without injury and increase flexibility for more enjoyment with improved function of all muscles!

  • That’s a good word. So true of many things. There’s also something to be said for being content with what you already have.

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