Dunlop Prime Tone Pick Review

Nothing beats a guitar pick that is worn to perfection. I’m talking about that wonderful bevel that develops, making the pick effortlessly slice through the strings of your guitar. It seems like it takes months of playing with the same pick to achieve that, but not anymore…

Dunlop’s Primetone picks are at your service for that nicely broken in pick feeling. From $5 – $12 depending on thickness and quantity, these picks are the real deal. They felt incredibly comfy in my hand, and even had a raised, grippy type surface on them… and the tone… oh my the tone…

These picks produce a very solid and articulate note. The notes produced by these wonderfully sculpted plectra retain body and thickness. I really took a quick liking to these picks because they felt broken in already and they produced a tone that was familiar to me… like incredibly familiar.

Upon further research, these picks are composed of Ultex, pretty much one of my top 3 pick materials. I was so excited to hear that these were Ultex. I pretty much found a pick that right out of the package produced a tone that I loved without the break-in period.

One quick thing though, if you are a guitar player that likes a pick with a more crisp edge these may not be for you because the bevel is pretty significant so keep that in mind while checking these out.

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