Dunlop Flow Pick Review

Guitar picks… our best friend and arch nemesis. There are so many how do we know when to stop searching for the right one… The answer is never…

That search for the perfect pick is what brought me to this wonderful little gem. This beautiful green colored Ultex beauty has made my guitars scream with joy. I am referring to the new Dunlop Flow picks.

These picks have a comfy feel and even a subtle grip to them beyond the normal grippy feel of Ultex. What I noticed about these picks is that they are close to the Primetone picks but without the bevel. They come in a fatter shape that allows for a bit more control with the thumb, a huge bonus.

Overall I was very pleased with the tone produced by these picks. The notes are fat and warm, and the polished edge allows for a nice smooth release of the string. I experienced that the picks actually felt a touch faster than my standard Ultex picks. This may be in part due to that polished edge, but I also feel that it could be attributed to the shape of the pick and the extra control it seemed to offer.

These picks won’t halt the perfect pick journey, but they may very well keep me occupied for a spell. My standard Ultex picks seem to be getting just a little jealous of the new Flow picks. I will have to keep you posted on how they cohabit in the pick box.

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  • Hey Tony,
    Thanks for a great episode. Just wondering, do you prefer the jumbo or standard pick? It’s hard to gauge the size in the photos. Thanks!

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