String Swing Guitar Hanger Review

As a #guitargeek what happens when you run out of floor space and stands for your guitarsenal? Dare you start leaning guitars against couches, walls, and other seemingly stable surfaces? As a guitar geek, I wouldn’t advise the leaning option, however, there is a solution for your guitarsenal that originated in Wisconsin.

The company, String Swing, located in Wisconsin, has been making #guitarsenal solutions since 1983. String Swing is based in Ontario, WI and got its start in Elroy, WI on a small dairy farm of all places. String Swing specializes in all things display, and what I want to focus on is their vast array of instrument wall hangers.

This company offers secure wall hangers for all sorts of instruments: guitars, ukes, violins, mandolins, and yes even banjos. The beautiful thing is that each hanger does its job very very well, in fact depending on the hanger you get the yoke and hanger depth will be of different size to accommodate whichever instrument it’s for.

These hangers get bonus points in my book for the wooden hanger base options available as well as the ease of installation. If you know how to turn a screwdriver these hangers can be installed in mere minutes. All of the necessary hardware is included and the drywall anchors that are in the package are simply the best I have ever used.

One note about these hangers that all guitar geeks should be aware of is that the material used for the hanger is safe for your guitar finish. Yes, from everything I read the tubing used on the hanger yoke is finish safe, but being that I am a complete guitar geek I still get hanger covers for that part of the hanger. (Note: those can be purchased separately and are not included with the hanger).

Overall, these are a great solution for any #guitargeek that wants to put their instruments on display in their guitar den. They even make a 5 space wall hanger… I just found that one and am trying to convince Whitney that it would look really cool in our family room… I will be sure to keep you posted on the status of that conversation.

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