Neo-Tech Acoustic Guitar Strap Review

A comfortable hug brought to you by your instrument… seriously a big warm squeeze from your six string friend.

Guitar straps are mainly viewed for their fashion accessory appeal, but I want to introduce to you a strap that has a classy look, but is over the top in the comfort category.

Neo Tech straps from right here in Montana, specifically Belgrade, MT are some of the most comfortable, flexible, and classy straps I have ever used. These straps feature top grain leather as well as a plethora of strap ends to choose from. You can get strap ends that accommodate an end pin jack, a standard end pin, and even specific ends for a banjo. That is only half of the story though.

The reason you need to be aware of these straps is mainly due to the comfort that they offer. When I say comfort I am talking about a seriously comfortable strap that never seems to break down. I have had a Neo Tech slim line strap for my banjo for quite sometime and it is just as comfortable as the first day that I purchased it… even on an instrument as heavy as a banjo.

The inside of these straps has a neoprene padding that is used that I would equate to memory foam… kind of like a mattress. This padding makes the strap comfortably lie across your shoulder with out digging in or causing any discomfort. If you happen to have an instrument that is weighty like a banjo or even an acoustic that is unruly to hold make sure to check out Neo Tech straps, these have truly changed my live playing experience.

The straps come in a variety of widths and materials so be sure to look through the offerings and find one that is right for your unique situation

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    Had to comment on this as I bought a Neotech strap this year. It’s for classic guitar (no strap buttons) and therefore good straps are difficult to find. This was a great surprise, with great materials and excellent build quality, that give you comfort to use on a classic guitar. The best i’ve used so far.

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