Daddario NS-Lite Capo Review

Every guitar geek has that moment where you are pumped to go play, you get to where you’re going, and you open your case only to get that dreaded feeling…

Oh no, where’s my capo?

No worries though, I have a solution to ensure that this never happens again. The Planet Waves NS Lite Capo will cure your capo woes. Yes, my answer is to conveniently place an emergency SOS capo in your case and just leave it there for when it is needed.

But why this particular capo?

A couple of reasons really. The first reason being that it is cost effective. The NS-Lite capo comes in right around $8-$12 so it is at a price point that isn’t a wallet crusher. The second reason this is my go to emergency capo is that it is effective. Since this capo is a tension adjusted capo it is quite effective at doing its job and doing its job well. You can be sure that this capo will create a buzz free playing experience. The third and final reason I dig this capo is due to its overall size and weight. I don’t mind carrying this capo around with me because it weighs practically nothing and has a small enough profile to tuck away very neatly in my case pocket.

This capo has saved my butt on numerous occasions and for any guitar geek that has ever experienced that pit in the stomach feeling associated with forgetting a capo you should absolutely get one of these and hide it away in your case for that one time when you absolutely need it.

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