Dimarzio Black Angel Pickup Review

Magnetic soundhole pickups for acoustic guitar can really be hit or miss. Some can be inexpensive and sound puny, others can be way expensive and sound only ok, but this one sits right in the middle and needs to be known by guitar geeks en masse.

The Dimarzio Black Angel soundhole pickup is one that is impressive in both the price and sonic quality categories. This pickup was released back in 2015. I have been able to spend a good amount of time with this pickup and I am very much impressed by it’s performance and flexibility.

This magnetic soundhole pickup has a great balance of brilliance and clarity along with a solid dose of string body. It is super easy to install, as you can put it in temporarily or have it permanently installed, and it happens to fall at a price point that in my opinion is very much a sweet spot. For right around $150-$175 you get a pickup that sounds great by itself, and is extremely well prepared to interface with another pickup you may have.

The Dimarzio Black Angel is used by modern fingerstyle guitarists such as Mike Dawes, Luca Stricagnoli, and Antoine Dufour. In fact, most of these artists use the Black Angel as only part of their pickup system, which points at how flexible it is. The Dimarzio pickup has a phase inversion switch built in (a must for multi source pickup systems), and full capability to be wired into a stereo jack.

If you are looking for a simple pickup to use for your live rig, or you are looking for something to add to your current pickup system, the Dimarzio Black Angel should definitely be in consideration.

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