Acri Fingerpicks Review

Fingerpicks are little bent pieces of metal that sit atop your fingers so that you can dig in, pull some extra volume out of your instrument, maintain clarity, and absolutely destroy your cuticles. It’s true, for all of the good that fingerpicks do, it comes at a cost of damaging the cuticles of your picking fingers, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore…

I am a stubborn player plain and simple, when I find something that I like I stick with it and try to hide my eyes from anything new that may tempt me to stray from my tried and true equipment. This all changed when I saw Acri fingerpicks for the first time.

First off, Acri fingerpicks look like little space ships that you put on the end of your fingers and that’s exactly what first caught my attention. I saw the fingerpicks and my immediate thought was, “why on earth would anyone use those goofy things?” Whatever my thoughts though my curiousity was being fueled and I just had to try them even though it went against my gear mantra of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

So I tried these little alien fingerpicks and my jaw dropped. My initial experience had me in awe of how strong and solid they felt. Previously the finger picks that I had used (Propik Extra Comfortable #3) had a little bit of inherent give to them because of their smaller size. I should take a moment and say that I still do love those picks, but the Acri picks far surpass them in terms of how truly solid they feel. The Acri picks are strong, stable, and provide a sturdy picking surface that is invaluable to someone who really likes to dig in.

The second thing I noticed about the Acri picks is that they are ridiculously comfortable. No more torn or damaged cuticles. These picks fit like little finger tip gloves and there is absolutely no extra strain on my finger tips or finger nails whatsoever. I truly could not believe the fact that with these picks on I felt nothing digging into my fingertip at all. Usually I wrench down super tight with my fingerpicks so they stay solid, but the trade off is comfort for certain. With the Acri picks there was no trade off at all, I got the comfort and I got the stability that makes playing with fingerpicks feel effortless.

Overall, these picks are a must try for frequent fingerpick users. I say this because all of the things that I thought were just the necessary evils of fingerpicks will literally dissipate before your very eyes. One thing to note on these picks is that they are quite a bit larger in their overall size partly due to how they affix to your fingertip. It’s not a positive or negative just something to be aware of so you aren’t surprised when you see these picks in person.

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