Lightnin Hopkins

What am I listening to this week? Well, the tone of the Wide Sky Guitars featured in last week’s Acoustic Tuesday (Ep. #11) had me hungry for some old thumpy blues.

His playing is raw, real, and has the rhythmic drive that screams give me more of that.

It just so happened that Lightnin’ Hopkins embodies old time, thumpy blues.  His unique style is inspiring to watch and the way he plays looks absolutely effortless. If you ever have a hankering for blues and haven’t heard of Mr. Hopkins then you must… and well, if you have heard of him, you must revisit his catalog.

The tone he gets out of the guitar is a mixture of dead strings and his unique attack… A must hear mixture

Listening to him is a deep dive into the raw nature of old time blues, and I suggest at least dedicating an afternoon to his catalog. Actually, an afternoon would just be the tip of the iceberg; you’d be better off dedicating an entire week or even more.

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