John Fahey

This week I have been listening to John Fahey… an official truckload of John Fahey.

An artist that literally defined an entire genre of guitar music. His compositions leave you on the edge of your seat, and the melodies he plays are what lets you know that everything is going to work out just fine.

In fact a while ago I purchased the box set “Transcendental Waterfall,” which was a treasure trove of John Fahey’s studio albums.

To have Fahey’s earlier albums all at my fingertips is like taking a workshop from a master. His tone and arrangements are captivating and keep you wondering where will he go next

This latest John Fahey phase also led me to something else that I wish to share with you… a movie. Yes, a movie inspired by what I am listening to this week. The movie, actually a documentary, is called “In Search of Blind Joe Death.” This doc is about John Fahey, who he influenced, and his life in general. Even if you aren’t familiar with John Fahey you will enjoy this doc, since the cast of characters is pretty vast and the stories told are quite candid.

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