Huss & Dalton Guitars Review

When I first started playing guitar, I absolutely lusted after a particular guitar from this maker. I remember talking to my Dad. I’m like, “Dad, we have to go to these different shops and I have to try out these guitars I heard that they’re amazing.” And boy, was I right…

Who am I talking about? I’m talking about Huss and Dalton. Yes, Jeff Huss and Mark Dalton out of Staunton, Virginia started their company in 1995 and they make some absolutely stellar guitars. They’ve got a whole lineup of different models and the “about” section as well as the “sepcifications” part of their website are just a guitar geek’s dream. They go into details about the radius they put in the guitar tops, how they match the bracing to that radius, tonewood selection, amongst many other crucial details … It’s just really guitar geeky.

Speaking of guitar geekery. Jeff Huss and Mark Dalton both came from Stelling Banjo works. In fact, when you go to their site, there’s a whole story about how they met, where they worked, and how they came to start their own company together.

I have been lucky enough to play quite a few of their models and I eventually was able to get a Huss and Dalton instrument to call my own when a used one came into the music store I worked at here in Montana. It was a gorgeous sounding and extremely versatile 000SP. It had a 12 fret neck, Adirondack top, rosewood back and sides, slotted headstock… it’s what fingerstyle dreams are made of… Unfortunately, I had to sell it for financial reasons… bummer!!! Man oh man, I wish I still had that instrument. It was definitely one of those ones that I would love to have back… but I digress.

Jeff and Mark are really making some of the most incredible and inspirational instruments on the market today. I’m pretty sure Molly Tuttle plays one of their guitars along with the Honey Dewdrops, and guitar legend Albert Lee. Let’s just put it this way; They make outstanding instruments and you need to check them out. As an added bonus Jeff and Mark are each fantastic pickers as well!!!

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