Is Daniel Bachman the New John Fahey?

This week I am visiting the well of American Primitive Guitar, and, well, I pretty much just fell straight in.

It’s almost as if he is John Fahey “round 2,” but not exactly. You can hear the influence, you can hear the style, but his playing on both the six and twelve string guitar is unique and hypnotic.

A quick thank you to my friend Simone M for introducing me to Daniel Bachman because this last week I was immersed in Daniel Bachman’s catalog. He is certainly the next wave of American Primitive guitar and he brings his own style to the genre.

His picking is precise and intentional, and he does this thing… I can’t really describe it, but his right hand is a machine and his compositions are memorable as well as thought provoking.

The album that has me hooked this week is called River, it’s not his newest release, it just happens to be the one that I am really digging into.

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