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  • how do I enter for the giveaways, I just ordered mu g4vets Tshirt, Great cause amd thanks for your service to all the vets!

  • Awesome sound. Beautiful basic well-built guitar by knowledgeable luthiers. Wow so balanced! Nice playing Tony. Thanks Thompson Guitars. G4V

  • What is the song you’re playing and how do we find the tabs or learn it?!?! Is it anywhere in the Acoustic Guitar Challenge??

  • As a disabled vet and a guitar player I thank you very much. One thing, I tell my students that it doesn’t matter what name is on the guitar, it is how it sounds, feels and plays. The guitar you are holding in this photo is more likely than not a Taylor. I have a good friend that plays a carbon fiber Taylor. I have a Fender Squire that looks like your Taylor, finish wise, that sounds just as good and plays just as well as a $600 Taylor. The right strings and set up and this $50 guitar I got in trade fills my church every time I take it. I truly is the player not the guitar.

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