U-Turn Orbit Turntable Review

Vinyl albums are an item of pure beauty. From the album art, the shiny black disc, the liner notes, and the listening experience; vinyl records capture as much or more mojo and magic than the music was originally recorded with. The album is only half of the equation though… you need a turntable.

U-Turn Audio out of Woburn, MA is producing some remarkably beautiful turntables that function as amazing as they look.

The Orbit turntable made by the fine folks at U-Turn Audio is a fully customizable turntable that you can design to your specific music loving wants and needs. You can pick the color, platter style, cartridge type, and many more custom options making these turntables built exactly for you.

The pricing of these turntables starts at $179 and varies depending on the options you choose to add to the base model. In my experience, these turntables are some of the best bang for your buck record players out there.

A huge advantage of the U-Turn turntables is that they are ready to go right out of the box. The U-Turn team painstakingly sets up each turntable for maximum performance and consistency. They set the tone arm pressure, needle orientation, and every other tweak-able aspect of the record player so you can literally take it out of the box, plug it in, and have an incredible listening experience.

This turntable is a great first turntable for a newly converted vinyl connoisseur or even the experienced audiophile with a sensitive ear. Rest assured each turntable that comes out of the U-Turn shop is hand assembled and tested by a real human being… these folks are music lovers and they want you to have the best analog audio experience that you can.

Currently, there is an Orbit turntable in operation at Acoustic Life Studios as well as at my house… these are a treat to use and even more fun to listen to. If you have a pile of records that haven’t
been played in a while I would certainly do your research on U-turn, they may very well have the right turntable to bring your records back to life.

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