Taylor V Class Bracing, The REAL Story [Extended Interview]

Is Taylor V Class bracing here to stay? X bracing has been the gold standard for some time in the world of flattop steel string guitars and then along comes Andy Powers to shake things up in a major way.

Taylor takes a huge leap in the history of the acoustic guitar with a complete revamp of the X bracing design. Just last week Taylor announced their new V class bracing design, which essentially has two long braces running parallel to the guitar neck and then some additional support provided via tone bars running off of those longer braces.

Essentially this new design will make the top more rigid which will add to the responsiveness and projection, all the while allowing the top to vibrate a bit more freely which will contribute to stronger single notes as well as an overall volume increase.

I must say a huge tip of the hat to Andy Powers, Bob Taylor, and the entire Taylor crew for pushing the boundaries and contributing to the evolution of the steel string acoustic guitar.

Also of note: Don’t miss Acoustic Tuesday episode 25 where Andy Powers first replied to my question and perhaps skepticism of how bracing can affect intonation.

If you love Taylor Guitars, you’ll also love my interview with Taylor CEO and founder, Bob Taylor

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Interview Sections

0 – 1:19 – Playing
1:09 – 4:50 – Background on V-Class
4:50 – 8 – Taylor V-Class design and origination
8 – 13:46 – Purpose of Taylor V-class and the problem with wanting both sustain and volume.
13:46 – 17:16 – Implementation of V-class with Andy Demo
17:16 – 31:58 – How V-class impacts intonation
31:58 – 34:15 – Science vs Art and how it plays into the design process
34:15 – 36:17 – The magic moment when Bob first heard V-class
36:17 – 37:48 – How to best experience V-Class bracing
37:48 – 45:45 – How intimidating was it to develop V-class bracing?
45:45 – 48:25 – Were you concerned releasing this to the public?
48:25 – 56:24 – V-class VS X bracing and the future
56:24 – 59:20 – What about the structural integrity?
59:20 – 1:04:41 – Demo of the guitar getting louder as you walk away and why.
1:04:41 – 1:07:04 – What would you say to Taylor V-class bracing skeptics?
1:07:04 – 1:12:33 – The Builders Edition
1:12:33 – End – What’s next? Have you cracked the code?

  • Thank you! I’ve been dying to see this. Tony, totally jealous. To play the builder’s edition and jam with Andy would be a dream. I need a bit more time before I dare fake it at something like that but what an epic experience that would be. Thanks for the product info. I love how Andy’s thought processes and creativity extend in many directions.

  • Incredible! What a great look into the mind of one of the greatest innovators in the industry! A cornucopia of guitar geek information. Thanks Tony for letting us in on the conversation!

  • OMG Tony. That was a fantastic interview to watch. I didn’t want it to ever end. Andy’s thought process on how to redesign the whole guitar build to get the exact voicings he was looking for was mind blowing to hear.
    Im so jealous of you playing those Taylors.
    Like everyone else, ive heard these guitars on videos before, buf this is the first time i truly felt i heard them live.
    This had alot to do with the fantastic interview and the jamming between the both of you.
    Taylor V brace is definitely on my life list now for sure.

  • Tony – excellent interview, and very generous of Andy for his time. Any indication when Taylor will be introducing v-class in a dreadnought model? Thanks for sharing!

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