Sharktooth Crossover Guitar Pick Review

Thumbpicks can no doubt be uncomfortable, and flatpicks can fly out of your hand so what is a #guitargeek to do when they want to flatpick a little, strum a little, and then finger pick a little?

If only some sort of crossover pick was made that would allow you to use all of your tools as a guitar player… This exists, I tried it out, and I was pleasantly surprised. The Sharktooth crossover pick by the company Strum’N’Comfort is a pick that allows you to have a flatpick at your disposal, but also convert that flatpick into a thumbpick-like device.

The whole notion of the sharktooth pick is that there is a neoprene band that goes around your thumb and attaches with velcro. Inside this neoprene band is a non skid material that has a flatpick attached to it. Once affixed to your thumb you have what looks like a thumbpick, but with more comfort and control over how tight it sits on your thumb.

I found this pick to work quite well. I must say I have no trouble with standard thumb picks so this was more of an experiment for certain, but my skepticism was quickly removed upon trying the sharktooth. My initial thought was that it would slip on my thumb and just feel, well, kind of odd. Well, I am happy to report that the pick did not slip at all. The pick stayed put when using it like a flatpick as well as like a thumbpick. Also, I should say that it was quite comfy on my thumb, the neoprene was much more welcoming than the standard plastic band of a thumbpick.

I will say that I noticed the pick give just a touch on the upstroke creating a feeling that I was using a thinner pick than I was, but overall I was pretty impressed with it’s stability. I used the pick for the better part of two weeks and the grip and elasticity of the neoprene band didn’t seem to wear out, which is a nice bonus as well.

All in all, this is a great option if you are the player that is looking for a more comfy pick that allows you to quickly change styles during play. Included in the package were two neoprene bands with two different thicknesses of picks (.75mm and 1.0mm), as well as an additional band that you can use your own favorite pick with.

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