Jeffrey Foucalt

This week my soft spot for songwriters leads me to an artist I have long admired.

The stories he tells through songs are intricate yet simple… not to be too cliche here, but with so few words he can weave quite the tale, and his fantastic playing supports these lyrical road trips incredibly well.

Currently I am stuck on Jeffrey Foucalt’s newest release, Salt As Wolves. The tones on this album are fantastic, and I must say I may have broke an acoustic rule here as this album features some electric guitar, but hear me out… Salt As Wolves has the right amount of space, tasty guitar fills, stellar songwriting, and the type of songs that have you enthralled in their story.

Jeffrey’s vocals are whiskey smooth and his guitar work and tone fit each song to a tee. The stand out track for me is “Slow Talker,”

Once you go down this rabbit hole it will lead you all around, so enjoy the ride and jump right into any of Jeffrey’s albums… there are plenty of stories written to fit long road trips and lonely nights.

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