Jeffrey Foucalt Blood Brothers Album Preorder

I am so happy about the news that I just received… yet another Acoustic Tuesday artist is releasing a brand new album, and I heard this one in its entirety and it is a beautiful piece of work.

Jeffrey Foucalt is set to release his newest album Blood Brothers on June 22, 2018 and I will just say that you need to pre-order it. Plain and simple, this album contains some gorgeously crafted songs. Jeffrey’s writing on Blood Brothers is open, honest, and truly touching. This is the type of album that you just keep flipping in an effort to make sure it never ends. The cast of characters playing on the album treat the songs so incredibly well, playing with taste and a high level of reverence for the songs and their lyrics.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to receive my pre-ordered, signed, vinyl copy of this new album. You should be excited as well because you can pre-order yours too by visiting Jeffrey’s Pledge Music page. There are a gaggle of great options available on that page from preordering the album, access to some live show material, and even getting a private show with Jeffrey.

One more thing that makes me love this project even more… this quote from Jeffrey’s pledge music page:

“I don’t care about being famous, and if I did I would have made other decisions in my life until now. I want to make enough money to write songs, make records, tour behind them, and pay everyone fairly along the way. I believe in music, and what it’s meant in my life, and I want the music I make to mean something in the lives of other people.”

That right there is a project I can get behind.

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  • Dang! This album sounds incredible. Unfortunately, the signed options seemed to be gone once the “project” on pledge music closed. I can’t wait to get the CD and Album though – signed or not.

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