Calum Graham

Today’s artist feature comes courtesy of Acoustic Tuesday fan Bob W. from Kichener, Ontario. Bob says,

He’s an amazing talent that plays with a lot of feel and dynamics and attributes influence from Michael Hedges

I agree with Bob here in fact I think you will too…

It is a rare occurrence that a guitar player with such control, technical proficiency, and creativity utilizes silence in such a way that holds the listener’s attention through an entire song… This artist does just that.

Calum Graham is a modern acoustic fingerstyle genius who is one of the most soulful performers I have ever heard and seen. His songs are thought provoking and can conjure up every emotion under the sun. Calum’s approach is gentle for lack of a better term. He plays the guitar with a light touch but huge results and therein lies the magic of his unique playing.

Calum’s compositions are all masterpieces of quality tone and restraint. Let me explain… Calum toes the line of unstructured ambience and melodic composition so well. He offers up enough space to let the notes breathe, but never sacrifices the theme of a song.

For a player who has the technical faculty to start the fretboard on fire, Calum exercises discipline in that what he plays serves the song completely. He doesn’t seem to be the player to add a flashy flourish just because he can, he has the utmost respect for the song and what fits.

Calum has quite the discography available and you can pick any one album of his to confirm the topics I am bringing up here. If you are looking for a modern fingerstyle artist who writes songs that are thought provoking and oozing emotion, Calum is your guitar geek.

Oh, one last thing I strongly want to urge you to check out the guitarists only portion of Calum’s website, this section of his website proves that Calum is a top notch guitar geek.

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