Beauregard Guitars Review

There is a guitar maker in Quebec that has absolutely hit the nail on the head when it comes to a powerful, responsive, and tonally rich fingerstyle guitar. I was able to say this with confidence before, but after having played one in person…

I am now 100% sure that this luthier is a true master of his craft.

Mario Beauregard is based in Quebec, Montreal and as far as guitar building goes he is one of the best.

Mario’s story is full of twists and turns from doing repair at Tom Lee Music in Vancouver, attending Roberto Venn School of Luthiery, building & learning with Ervin Somogyi & Taku Sakashta, and even doing R&D work for Lasido (Godin Guitars).

All of these very guitar-centric paths have led Mario to running his own shop and building absolutely premier instruments. Mario’s knowledge of guitar building as well as his execution lead to some of the most responsive instruments I have ever heard.

I was aware of Mario’s instruments and had listened to many demos, but it wasn’t until I was able to play one in person that I could confirm they were as magical as a wizard riding a dragon over a rainbow, while bunnies watch and cheer.

Beauregard guitars quite simply, have what I will refer to as a “bloom” about them. Meaning that when you play one of Mario’s guitars you will notice an extreme level of responsiveness and after that initial note or chord rings you get this magical set of supportive overtones that makes the guitar have a sustain and ring that is unparalleled.

As a guitar geek, if you ever have the chance to hear a Beauregard guitar or play one you are in for a huge treat. From the tone, to the aesthetic you will be impressed, I am 100% sure of that.

Check out Mario’s site for a peak at some brilliant custom instruments that include flat top steel string guitars, nylon stringed instruments, and even archtop guitars.

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