Welcome to this week’s episode of Acoustic Tuesday where I share my guitar geek list of gear, artists, and resources to keep you inspired to live your absolute BEST acoustic life!

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Featured in This Episode…

#4 Three Music Theory Mistakes to Avoid

In this episode I cover the 3 biggest music theory mistakes. I’ve learned my lesson with these mistakes, I’m want to help you learn and avoid them.

  1. You don’t have to know standard notation;
  2. Not applying what you’ve learned in music theory;
  3. Feeling like you have to learn EVERYTHING on music theory.

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#3 What’s On the Turntable This Week?

This week’s featured acoustic artist is Tim Stafford, who is an acoustic guitar player you need to know. He’s a fantastic flat picker, an all around incredible songwriter and composer. Some of his instrumental stuff will leave you weak in the knees.

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#2 Orange Acoustic Preamp

I received this acoustic preamp to check out. I gave it a try and I’m very impressed with it. It’s a two channel pre, and channel A actually utilizes a tube so you are able to get this wonderful, rich, harmonic blend. Channel B has a mic input with switchable fan and power. You can effectively play your guitar plugged in and in front of a mic all in one unit!

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#1 Thompson Cuban Mahogany Dreadnought Review

I featured this guitar in a past episode of Acoustic Tuesday, but I need to share it again. My Thompson Cuban Mahogany Dreadnought is mind blowing. The string spacing, responsiveness, bark, overall volume – is amazing. It literally will make banjos run away with their tails between their legs.

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Also featured in this episode that you don’t want to miss – our Top 10 Guitar Geek Costumes! This list includes reasons to buy matching guitars for your costumes. You’re going to love them!

  • The Gunther Hotel is part of the Sheraton chain today, but Room 414 is still there and available to reserve. A good friend of mine was taken there for his 50th birthday so he could play guitar all night in that special room.

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