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How To Live Your Very Best Acoustic Life…

A festival purely dedicated to guitar geeks is in the history books and if you want to know every detail and astonishing thing that happened then you must check this episode out.

The inaugural Acoustic Life Festival held in Bozeman, MT at the Rialto Theatre happened Friday, June 22, and Saturday June 23, 2018. It was two days of living the Acoustic Life to the max!!!

The Acoustic Life Festival was full of amazing moments both musical and personal. Between the artist performances, the open mic nights, the workshops, and the band performances so many friendships were started, transformations made, and guitar geek flags waved.

Make sure to check out all of the video recaps for some behind the scenes footage as well as the picture gallery for some candid shots of the open mic, the shows, and the guitar geekery that occurred at the very first of many Acoustic Life Festivals.

Acoustic Life Festival 2018 Behind the Scenes Links


  • Wow what a great show guys thx man this as guitar geek-a-thon show lol I will be there next year on ya you know you are a guitar geek when you enjoy the simple things like sitting around with your friends listening and making music of the heart

  • #SmallWins, #PickerPilgrimage – Had the most amazing day yesterday, stopping by to visit the Oregon home of Thompson Guitars. Met the amazing team that creates these extraordinary instruments, toured the shop, learned about the incredible effort that goes into hand-crafting the guitar tops and hand-carving every bit of the bracing (Hi, Gareth!), bending and forming the guitar bodies (Hi, Caleb!), shaping the necks, and designing custom inlays (Hi, Simon!), and played a half dozen guitars (though I cannot yet do them justice, I hope to someday). Perhaps the high point thus far in my guitar journey, and I cannot wait to add a beautiful Thompson to my growing guitarsenal. Congrats, Tony, on your recent acquisition – please take a moment to play it for us so others can hear how amazing these instruments sound! I live in Seattle, and despite their Pacific NW, near-neighbor status, there is still no retailer that carries Thompson guitars in the entire state of Washington – an oversight that I hope will be corrected sometime soon (I’m looking at you, Dusty Strings!).

  • One thing I learned is to not go on stage with gum in your mouth! When watching the replay of our band I saw myself chewing gum, which is something I do as a stress management strategy sometimes. At least it looked like I was singing the song, sometimes, LOL! The fun, learning and comraderie never stopped. Thanks to the TAC musketeer trio, Tony, Noah and Levi, for all your hard work, I appreciate you 🙂

  • Check out Andrew White Guitars (www.AndrewWhiteGuitars.com), for some awesome acoustics and custom builds, featured at NAMM these have superlative build and tone to die for !!!

  • # Small Wins: Really a Big Win. I attended Marin on Main Music and Arts Festival in Nazareth, PA on Saturday 8/4/18, great music, food, fellowship and Martin freebies! The on Monday 8/6/18, I took my 50 year old D-18 which I bought when I was 20 back to the Martin Factory where it was made. It was inspected by the repair shop and they found no issues with it. Then C.F. Martin IV met with me for pictures and he signed the inside of the D-18. He inspected iit and said it has been well taken care of. Great Weekend! – Coach Jim, Glen Burnie, Maryland.

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