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#5 Beautifully Dressed Up Fingerboards

Vinyl albums are an item of pure beauty. From the album art, the shiny black disc, the liner notes, and the listening experience; vinyl records capture as much or more mojo and magic than the music was originally recorded with. The album is only half of the equation though…

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#4 What’s On the Turntable This Week?

This week’s featured artist comes from Zorn John in El Paso, TX. He says: “Much like John Fahey he makes a single guitar sound incredible. This is the sound I aspire to create one day.” For all of you out there who happen to like the American primitive guitar style, you are going to love this…

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#3 Guitar Geek Fashion, Form, and Function

You know you’re a guitar geek when you have this friend that you really want to finish an album so, selfishly, you can listen to it whenever you wish…

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#2 The Capo Conversation Heats Up

Back on Episode #47 of Acoustic Tuesday, we took a look at the new G7th Heritage capo. It is a truly sexy capo, but I had some questions about its design. I happened to ask these questions during the show and you’ll never guess who responded…

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#1 Playing Guitar With a Jalapeno?!?!?

Yoke capos are one of the most convenient capo types available. They are beautifully designed to stay on your guitar when not in use, and very easy to recruit when a capo is necessary. For a while, there was really only one high-end yoke capo option until this company came along…

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  • About the Thalia capo. 1. You get TWO sets of inserts. All the radii for both standard and high-tension. The high-tension is for 12 strings and any other instrument that needs more force than usual. It’s saved me a couple of times. 2.If you DO lose an insert, you can get more from Thalia. ykyaggw you learn ALL the technical ins and outs of your capo so you can be your own capo tech on stage, on the road, and in your sleep.

  • #Youknowyou’reaguitargeekwhen… your wife catches you leaning out of your chair to look past the pretty, young singer to see what kind of guitar her accompanist is playing.

  • what happened to my email with AT link? has arrived regularly, not this time… am i alone in this, or was there an epic email fail?? started having withdrawals until i remembered acousticlife.tv – don’t scare me like that!!!

  • I’m a happy TAC member whois turning one #smallwin after another into an endless guitar summer. It started in early July with the New Bedford Folk Festival, then a few days at the Frets and Refrains guitar and songwriting camp. This past weekend, I enjoyed Colter Wall live at the Newport Folk Festival. I first learned about Colter Wall on Acoustic Tuesdays. I also have a reservation in August to take the shop tour at Bourgeois Guitar in Lewiston, Maine. It’s probably a good thing for my bank account that they don’t actually sell their guitars there. 😉 Thanks for all the inspiration that helps keep me motivating to keep playing.

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