Hello and welcome to another week of guitar centered geekery!!!

Acoustic Tuesday is coming in for a landing. The runway is clear, and with this jumbo jet of acoustic centered goodness comes a full dose of inspiration to live your best acoustic life.

After checking with the radar tower it seems as though 5 guitar geek items have popped up, but no worries it’s all smooth flying from here.

Featured in This Episode

#5 The Good Kind of Broken Hearts

Finding small bench luthier made guitars to sample is a difficult task. Even in today’s day an age it’s still hard to find the rarer makers all under one roof. A single place where you can compare and contrast a multitude of artisan made instruments… That changes now…

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#4 The Folk Music Epicenter of the West

Folk music is a broad term that encompasses so many different styles, instruments, cultures, and people. Folk music even involves more than just music itself…

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#3 What’s On the Turntable This Week?

His playing makes you feel like you are on the edge of a cliff… uncomfortably close to the edge. His flatpick runs are inventive and unconventional, but are…

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#2 The Future of Five Strings

In a galaxy far, far away there lived an invention that would forever change the banjo was thought about. This invention made the banjo a much more…

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#1 A Quick Pick in the Netherlands

The guitar pick quest continues, actually it never really ends, and today is proof of that. Today, a pick that comes from the Netherlands offering a dark and gritty tone…

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  • #smallwin Picked up my Art & Lutherie guitar from getting some repairs and also bought a Taylor 224ce -K DLX
    BobP from Alexandria VA

  • Retired at 61 and decided to look into picking up a used guitar and got fascinated by the used guitar market and history of acoustic guitar manufacture. #smallwin. I acquired a vintage Martin style 34 built in 1899 at an auction. Actually I think that’s a big win. #guitarsenal I acquired 5 guitars at the auction including a 1969 Martin D12-35 and a 1974 Martin N-10

    Thanks for a greatly entertaining and informative show.

  • * great win I am start to get my retheme going and my speed on a couple of flatpicking to 120. have a long way to go. I pick up a Metronome called “Qwik Timer” works great and ease, and don’t run down my phone battery. cost me $20.
    Has Tony every played an Alvarez Yairi, or master, if so is Martin a better guitar. I need to save up for a more playable guitar some day.

    • Don’t know about Tony but I had a Yairi Alvarez that I sadly sold to get my J-45. Wish I could have kept it, cedar top with hog back and sides it was fabulous. My Gibson is also fabulous so one in one out keeps the wife happy.

  • Hey guys love your show you inspire an old dog to keep trying. For years I have been lugging around a heavy old school Peavey PA and speakers and all the stuff that goes with it to 20 0r 30 small shows a year in our area. Last week my wife and I stopped in to our local music store Music Villa. And Boom!! My small win was when we left with a Bose L1 and a Tech 21 Acoustic Stic Fly Rig. Thanks and PS I’m a Elijah Craig fan.

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