Top Pictures – Guitar Geek Toby from Essex, UK with the following:

(Left) OG: Stagg S300 Strat, 3/4 size: Maple Neck, Rosewood Fretboard, Alder Wood body. Nerdy Stuff: 3 single coil pickups on a 5-way switch.
(Back Centre) Johnny: Washburn WLD10S Dreadnought Full Size: Mahogany Neck & Back, Spruce top, Rosewood fretboard.
(Right) Little John: Encore 340FT 3/4 size: Laminate body, maple neck.
(Front Centre) Mia: Ibanez ASV10A Artcore Vintage Full size: Mahogany neck, bound rosewood fretboard with aged white block inlay. Nerdy Stuff: 2 Humbucker pickups on a 3-way switch

Bottom Picture – Guitar Geek Shane B. from Bristol, TN with the following:

Let’s see if I can name them all!

From the top left:
G&L ASAT Classic, 1960’s Kay Open Back 5 String Banjo, 1960’s Kay N-2 Arctop, Washburn Mandolin, 1970’s Kay K-520 Hummingbird, Cremona HV-100 Violin, 1970’s Kay K-442, Kentucky KM620B Mandolin, Epiphone DR-200 Natural, 1980’s Kay Resonator Banjo.

Center row from left:
1986 Cort AJ-982 (I got this for Christmas in 1986 when I was 13. It is the one that started it all), Blueridge BR-343 000 Gospel Model, Cort Gold D-6 Natural.

On the ground from left:
Fender American Standard Telecaster, Fender Mexican Telecaster, Squire Telecaster, G&L Tribute ASAT Special, 1980’s Silvertone Stratacaster, 1990’s Crafter Cruzer Stratocaster Copy, Epiphone ES-339 Pro, Squire Child Size Telecaster (my 7 year old daughter’s), 1960’s Harmony H-804 (mostly hidden), Gretsch G-5420 Electromatic, 1960’s Regent Hollow Body, 2017 Martin D-35, 1960’s Woolworth Audition Parlor Guitar, Seagull M4 Merlin Dulcimer, 2016 Martin D-16GT (my go-to guitar), circa 1930 Regal Parlor Guitar, Recording King RPS-7L-TS Dirty 30’s Single 0 Lily of the Valley (my secondary go-to guitar – especially in drop D and DADGAD), Washburn R318SDWK Vintage Series Limited Edition Parlor Guitar, Martin OX2MAE, 2016 Martin 000-15SM.

I have several other vintage department store guitars that aren’t in the picture. I seem to be drawn to them. Luckily, however, my guitarsenal is almost complete. I only need one more guitar…