Top Row (Left and Right) – Guitar Geek Mark I. from Toronto, Ontario with the following:

Included two photos…

#1 – mainly to prove I was wearing shorts

#2 – gives a nice shot of all the stringed instruments, except for a double bass, that we have. Just to note – myself, my wife and our two boys all play. I hadn’t thought about getting shirts for everyone.

The Instruments from left to right.

Floor level:
2015 Dean acoustic/electric bass with a resonator;
Crafter D8-12/N;
2010 Art & Lutherie AMI Cedar;
2014 Guild D-125NAT:
Alabama WD-2CE Resonator (still need to find someone to teach me some slide!);
me with my 2017 Martin D-28;
1998 Martin D1

Upper/back level:
2017 Godin Montreal Premiere Ltd:
Epiphone mandolin
2017 Norman Studio B50 12 Presys
2017 Godin Summit Classic Supreme Ltd
2014 Gretsch G9112 Uke w/resonator (on its side)
1996 Art & Lutherie Wild Cherry
2014 Gretsch G5620T
2017 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro
Ibanez 5-string bass

Bottom Row – Guitar Geek Max H. from Sulphur Springs, TX with the following:

Left to Right: 1978 Applause, 1982 Pearl Export drums, 64 year old Max, and my brand new Taylor GS-mini e Walnut.

Back Story – I have been a drummer for 50 years (blame it on Ringo) and have been playing the last 25 years in our church Praise Band. I retired from work last August and decided to try learning guitar as my hobby. The Applause was my dad’s guitar, but he passed away 36 years ago and I had no interest in guitar (until I retired). The Applause had not been out of the case in 35 years. It has been wonderful to learn on and of course it will never leave the family.