Top Left – Guitar Geek Gus J. from Rapid City, SD with the following:

From Left to Right:
1. Axil – Fender 50th anniversary Strat
2. Liz Tayler – 814 ce approx 2001
3. Erica – Martin 000-28 EC
4. Ukelele
5. Little Martha – Martin HD 35 (sorry for the partial obstruction)
6. Washburn Koa Parlor
7. Sugar Magnola – Gibson Custom Shop Hummingbird
8. Suzy – Gibson J-45 Vine
9. Polly – Gibson Les Paul Studio
10. TOL (The Old Lady) – 1973 Washburn W-400

Top Right (and bottom row) – Guitar Geek Lars C. from Hillerod, Denmark with the following:

I finally got around to getting most of my guitars together in one room with Mille, the family dog.
In front, I am sitting with a Martin Dreadnought Junior, an unexpected win from an early bird draw at the Acoustic Life Festival. I did not even know there as such a draw, and was quite surprised when Tony wrote me.

Front guitars left to right:
– A Martin D-28
– A Cordoba ukulele
– A Taylor 214ce-N
– A 2005 Taylor 815-CE
– A 2011 Gibson Standard Songwriter

Back Guitars left to right (difficult to see):
– An Taylor Big Baby
– A 1999 Ovation Standard Elite
– A 2002 Gibson ES-333 semi acoustic
– A 2010 Fender Telecaster
– A Höfner bass
– Fender Guitar Banjo
– A 1988 Ovation Custom Balladeer 12 string
– A 1979 Ovation Standard Balladeer