Another #guitarsenal segment from episode 40

Top Left: Acoustic Tuesday fan Rich O. with the following:

1998 Martin DM, De Armond X-155, On my lap is a 2017 Taylor 224ce DLX Koa, 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard, 2018 Taylor 814ce DLX with v-class Bracing, The next two are both “Riff” store brand guitars that I learned to play on in high school that my son is now learning on, and an Ibanez exotic wood series acoustic.

Up top is a stage played and autographed Zach Myers Series PRS SE that I got from Zach himself at a Shinedown show. (Big thanks to my wife for setting that up), and on the far right is my 2014 Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster

 Next to me, sits my miniature Australian Shepherd, Aussie. She is my biggest fan. She will sit and watch amorously for hours as I play.

I also would consider this a #smallwin that I finally found the time to get it all together to grab a photo.

 Big thanks to the 3 of you for doing what you do. For an acoustic guitar geek such as myself, who feels like an outcast among a sea of modern electric players, it is nice to have a place to come with like minded folks that just get it. While I love listening to, and playing, many different types of music, there has always been a soft spot in my heart for the rawness of acoustic music.

 So from a guitar geek who resides in Tucson, but was born and raised in the south, I raise my glass of bourbon in appreciation to you.

Top Right: Acoustic Tuesday fan Thomas H. with the following:

 Pictured left to right:  1) Cort Action DLX AS bass , 2) Martin DRS2 , 3) Harmony 5 string banjo , 4) Epiphone Les Paul Studio , 5) Washburn WD10S12 , 6) Ibanez RG120 , 7) Ovation Elite model 1868 , 8) Fender Telecaster

 Where do I start? Love the content and love the show, but, you guys deserve all the credit as you are the icing on the cake. It has been fun watching the show mature and congrats on the success.

 I just finished watching Acoustic Tuesday #37 when I heard the call for #guitarsenal pic entries. I felt it my civic duty to climb out of bed (while pushing aside my procrastinating ways), to have my lovely wife Erin (while asking … what the heck are doing with your guitars?), take this #guitarsenal picture in the middle of the night.

Now I feel better, and recommend to anyone who has not done the same, take that picture and revel in knowing you have done the right thing in making this world a better place.